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house soldDealing with the clutter of a lifetime can look like an insurmountable task. A lot of people turn to what they consider the easiest solution, which is usually one or more of the following:

No one wants it, I don’t want it, don’t think it has any value so I will throw it away.

I don’t want it, it might be worth something, I will sell it at my yard sale or estate sale or donate it to charity.

I don’t want or need it but my relative does so I will just give it to them.

The Stories You Need To Know.

The Junk Man

A man comes into our store periodically, browses around then leaves. One day he stopped and spoke to me. He told me that he helps people clean out their houses and that many times he finds valuable stuff that he sells. He told of this elderly woman who paid him to take away stuff from her house. He said one of the rooms was filled with Victorian furniture and other nice things. He took the contents, which he got paid for taking, and sent it to auction. This was his gain and her loss. How unfortunate.

Golfer Doorstop   

An elderly woman and her daughter came into our store and looked around. After they had finished looking they came to the counter and the elderly woman mentioned to us that she had a golfer doorstop at home. She said that the doorstop was in very good condition and that she had an offer from an antique dealer for $200. We told her that the doorstop could be worth much more and to bring it with her next time so we could see it. The next week she came back to our store with the doorstop in hand. I told her it was worth around $1100 and to leave it with me on consignment and I would sell it for her. Within a week I had an offer of $900, which she accepted. She got $585 instead of the $200, which the antique dealer offered her. She thanked us very much and told us that it was a family heirloom, which she needed to sell to pay for heating oil.

The David Yurman Necklace 

A dealer came to our store raving about the wonderful deal she got at a yard sale. The people running the yard sale put out a box of costume jewelry. They did not realize that in the box was a David Yurman necklace worth over $3000.

I have a saying that a lot of people who want to get rid of everything in a hurry won’t like to hear – DON’T THROW WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW and don’t give it away either. If you have a valuable item, why let someone else get most of the money?

Even if you are going to donate your belonging to charity you need to know what it is worth to get the deduction. Antiques, art, jewelry and other valuable items need to be examined by a person who has the knowledge to identify them. Once the objects have been identified, then they can be appraised and sold, donated or given to family members.

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