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Recently a nice woman spent quite a bit of time looking into our showcases.  As she went from case to case we heard her exclaim, “Oh my! Oh no!”  By the time she came to the counter she was distraught and in tears.

Her story. The nice woman had recently moved into a smaller home and needed to dispose of old family items.  Having no concept of their value, she sold many to a dealer who offered her a lump sum for only the good stuff he was interested in.  He paid her in cash and then went on his way.

Walking around Showcase she saw many similar items and realized that she had lost a significant amount of money.  If she had consigned her pieces, she would have known their value and had an opportunity to control the price.

800% Increase

One day a gentleman came into Showcase with several pieces of carnival glass that he wanted to sell to us.  We explained that we do not buy outright, but would be happy to take his items on consignment.

His story. The gentleman told us that he tried to sell his merchandise to another shop and was offered a total of $75.00 for all his pieces.  Luckily, he had seen an episode of the Antiques Road Show where a similar item he had was priced at $350.

He agreed to consign his carnival glass items to Showcase.  We appraised his items and sold them for $650.  The gentleman received over 800% more than his first offer!  He told us, “I appreciate your honesty.”

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How do I know if my stuff is valuable?

You don’t have to know.  Showcase Antique Center was established in 1990 and has an excellent reputation in the antique industry.  Just remember, don’t throw what you don’t know.  If you consign with us, we will be happy to discuss what is valuable and provide you with a free appraisal.

If I want to dispose of an entire estate or household that has both new and old things, will you help me?

We will happily take your objects (single piece to a house full) on consignment.  For a free confidential estimate please call us at 508-347-7190.

How do I get you to look at my stuff?

Just set up an appointment by calling us at 508-347-7190 or E-mail us at with a time that is convenient for you.  We will respond with a confirmed time for your appointment.  If you have a lot of small things, we usually view them at our store.  The items you bring us must be in clean saleable condition.

I have a lot of furniture that is too big for me to bring to your store.  Will you come to my house?

Yes.  Please make an appointment.  Before making a house call we would like to see pictures.  We also can help you dispose of the contents of an entire house.

What are your store hours?

Our regular store hours are:  Monday, Wednesday thru Saturday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM; Sunday – Noon to 5:00 PM; Tuesday – Closed.

How long do you keep consignments?

Usually we request a minimum of (6) six months.  A lot of items that we take in sell long before the six months, but there are those that take more time to sell.

Once you tell me the value of an item, can I really expect to get that much money?

The values of antiques and vintage collectibles do fluctuate – usually within a given price range.  Our goal is to work for you to ensure you receive a fair value for your item.  However, there may be times when our customers will make reasonable offers that you should consider.  We will always pass along these offers with our recommendations.

At Showcase, we work in partnership with you.  After all, the more money you make, the more we can share in the profits.

How do you sell the items that I consign to you?

Through our ads, our busy storefront at the Entrance to Old Sturbridge Village, on our web site which has over 850 items with pictures, by telephone calls, E-mail notices and through our gift register “wish list” program.  We have over 20,000 customers on our database which enables us to match your merchandise with their wants.  In addition, we have a Free Antique Appraisal Day once a month.  All these strategies drive traffic to the retail shop and web site thereby increasing visibility of your item.

How much of a commission do you take?

On items that are valued at $100.00 or less we take 50%.  On items over $100.00 we take 35%.

What are the advantages of selling at auction or directly to a dealer vs. consignment?

A dealer will usually only make one offer to you for your item and may not tell you what your item is worth in the marketplace.  If you sell to a dealer and then learn your item is worth more, there is nothing you can do…you’re stuck with the agreed upon price.

Auctions have some of element of chance.  If you have the right item on the right day with the right customers, then you may get a good price.  Some auctions don’t mind reserves at certain levels and others do.

With our method you take NO CHANCES.  You have total control over the price that is established.

How does the Showcase Antique Center method work?

It’s as easy as one..two..three!

One: Based upon our staff’s over 105 years of experience, we give you our opinion of value…which we have determined to be a fair selling price.

Two: You approve the selling price.  Your item is attractively displayed in the retail shop.

Three: When we get offers, we will pass them along to you with our opinion.  You have full control over your item until it is sold.

When you sell an item when do I get paid?

All consignors are paid on the 25th of  the month for the prior month’s sales.

If my item is sold via the Internet, an ad or a phone call to an out of state person, who takes care of the shipping?

We package your item(s), insure it for full value and the customer pays all the shipping, insurance and handling costs.  If your item is furniture, we ship via a moving company and insure for full value.

What if you don’t sell my item(s) after (6) six months?

You can claim your item or we can consider a lower price and we will keep it longer.

Can I claim my item(s) before the (6) six months are up?

Yes, but you will have to pay our consignment fee.

If my item does not sell at your store, can you recommend a reputable auction gallery?

Yes.  Showcase Auctioneers & Appraisers is affiliated with Showcase Antique Center.

If I desire to sell my items at auction and not do consignment can you help me?

Yes.  Showcase Auctioneers & Appraisers is affiliated with Showcase Antique Center.

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